Accessoires and more

We search the web for new patterns and here they are:

  1. Ronbiais by Elizabeth Brassard, a simple striped scarf/cowl, knitted with 3 skeins Kureyon or 3 skeins Silk Garden or 2 skeins Silk Garden Lite. For the cowl, you will need 1 skein Kureyon (pattern in english and french).
  2. Sweetheart Mittens by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren, textured mittens, knitted with 2 skeins of Kureyon.
  3. Lorelei Cowl by Lesley Packel, a ripped cowl, knitted with 1 skein of Hitsuji.
  4. Lilou Loop by Tante Sophie, a ripped cowl in different variations, knitted with 2 skeins of Cash Iroha or 2 hanks of Blossom (pattern in english and french).
  5. Noro Entrelac Snood by Kim Botley,  knitted with 6-8 skeins of Silk Garden.
  6. Simple Mitts by Nantucket Knitter, a pair of fingerless mitts, knitted with 1 skein of Kureyon.
  7. Earnest Happyway by Astrid Schramm, a funny little creature, knitted from a scrap of Kureyon (pattern in english and german).
  8. Lace Heart Scarf by KnitCulture, knitted with 2 skeins of Cash Iroha.
  9. November Cowl Recipe by Breean Elyse Miller, a striped cowl, knitted with 2 skeins of Silk Garden, plus extra yarn.
  10. Rico’s First Cardigan by Caitlin Leah Keeler, a little cardigan for small dogs, knitted with 1 skein of Kureyon.

Happy knitting!

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Funny Items and Useful Projects with Noro Yarns

Sometimes Norofans create really funny things with their favourite yarns:

  1. Flowerpower-Ketting by Wiebke van Keulen, a necklace, crocheted from Sekku (dutch pattern with photo tutorial).
  2. Sea Anemone Ear Flap Hat by Ledra Slavik, a funny hat with lots of frilles, knitted from 2 skeins of Hitsuji.

Of course there are lost of useful items, too. Especially in winter wooly items are more than perfect to keep you warm:

  1. Kochoran Watch Cap by Colorful Stitches,  a simple hat, knitted from 1 skein of Kochoran.
  2. Sarah’s Soxy Legwarmers by Deborah Behm, a combination of legwarmers and yoga socks, knitted from 2 skeins of Bonbori.
  3. Elephant Legs by Kristen Wise, legwarmers in horizontal ribbs pattern, knitted from 2 skeins of Yuzen.
  4. Limbs by Bex Squared, a shrug, knitted from side to side from 5 skeins of Mossa.
  5. Spiky by Toad Lilies, a shawl with a spiky border, knitted from 2,5 skeins of Silk Garden.

Happy knitting/crocheting!

See you.

Annette + Alexander

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New Scarf Patterns

New scarf patterns are online:

  1. A beautiful textured scarf: Scarf Okaido by Camille Coizy , knitted from 2 skeins of Taiyo (pattern in french and english)
  2. A simple one-row-scarf: Op. 2 by Eating Lemon, knitted from 1,5 skeins of Kochoran
  3. A frilly crochet scarf: The Peppy Scarf by Ellen Easton, crocheted from 1 skein of Kureyon Sock (pattern in dutch and english)
  4. A breezy crochet scarf: City Scarf by Rachel Petersen, crocheted from 1 skein of Silk Garden
  5. A lace scarf: Écharpe Gagnate by Isabelle Allard, knitted from approx. 1 skein of Sekku (pattern in french and english)

Enjoy the new patterns! Happy knitting/crocheting!

See you.

Annette + Alexander

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New Links on

There are some new free patterns for Noro Yarns:

  1. Planet X Bandit by Ela Torrente (Silk Garden)
  2. Infinity Emi by Espino Susunaga (Kureyon Sock)
  3. Sherlock Socks by Louisa (Kureyon)
  4. Tortuga by Ela Torrente (Silk Garden Lite) – italian pattern
  5. Tortuga Shawlette by Ela Torrente (Silk Garden Lite) – english pattern
  6. Kindle Touch Sock by Ari Ridpath (Yuzen)
  7. Flickerl by Wollwerk (Kureyon Sock)
  8. Bluff by Sharyn Anhalt (Kureyon or Silk Garden)
  9. Pauper’s Picnic by Felix-Marie Badeau (Retro)
  10. Keeping it Simple by Denise Bein Kroll (Kureyon Sock)
  11. Gauntlets on the Fly by Lorren Lewis (Furisode)
  12. Currants ketting by Wiebke van Keulen (Sekku) – pattern in dutch and english
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Using up scraps

Recently we used up lots of our Noro scraps:

  1. Two Noro Hand Savers
  2. Noro DPN Holder – first sample for a new pattern
  3. Twinkle’s Flower
  4. Noro DPN Holder – second sample
  5. Cabled Noro Tea Cosy
  6. Basket Hanger Extender
  7. Doorknob Cosy
  8. Knitted Table Sock
  9. Mini Market Bag
  10. Hopscotch
  11. Crocheted Table Sock
  12. A Place to Hang my Earrings
  13. Flower Noren
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New Links are available

Check out the latest pattern:

  1. Beanie by Britta Kremke – SilkGarden (german pattern)
  2. Bonbori Scarf
  3. Wild Bliss Mitts by Dina Rosbeck – Silk Garden
  4. Leg Warmers by Judy Sumner – Silk Garden Sock
  5. Noro Bag by Debbie Bliss – Iro
  6. Afghans for Afghans Yoke Sweater – Kureyon
  7. Baby Hat by Fiona Duthie – Kochoran
  8. Chevron Scarf by Cheryl Kubat – Kureyon
  9. Whiskey Creek Scarf by Grace V – Silk Garden Lite
  10. Summer Color for Winter Scarf – Hitsuji
  11. Heel-less Socks by Rachel Hunnicutt – Kureyon Sock
  12. Kureyon Cardigan
  13. Seiche Shawl by Shelby – Silk Garden Sock
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11 new Links on

  1. Hexagon Triangles by Mary Lee Herrick (Kureyon/Silk Garden)
  2. Noro Wrap by Angela Juergens (Taiyo Sock)
  3. Saturday by Marina Gribovod – russian pattern (Kureyon Sock)
  4. Softly Pleated Scarf by Rachel Rawlings (Silk Garden)
  5. Rainbow Crash by Alyssa McFarland (Wadaiko)
  6. Linnie by Justyna Lorkowska (Kureyon Sock)
  7. Needle Store by Frankie Brown (Kureyon)
  8. Mobius Jokius Entrelakius by Anis St. Louis (Kureyon/Silk Garden)
  9. Twisted Cowl by Franie Jay (Silk Garden Lite)
  10. Sekku by Alexandra Garaffa (Sekku)
  11. Infinity Emi by Espino Susunaga (Kureyon Sock)
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New Links are available

Big City, Small Town Hat by Melissa Kelenske with Silk Garden Sock

Chubby Little Stocking Pattern by Melissa Kelenske with Iro

Das Tüchle by Florentine with Sekku

Triangular Wrap by Jenny Watson with Kureyon Sock

Dominomuddar by Queen Mudd with Silk Garden Sock (Swedish pattern)

Broomstick Lace Minifinity Scarf by Julie Edwards with Taiyo Sock

Beyond Beginner Ribbed Cable Fingerless Gloves by Genevieve Hudak with Silk Garden Chunky

Potohar Felted Bag by Umme Yusuf with Kureyon

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A New Knittingcouple Design and Flower Pot Cosy with Aya

A new Knittingcouple-Design is available:

We-love-Noro Cabled Wristwarmer with Cash Island

Also crocheted a flower pot cosy with approx. half a skein of Aya, col. 9. Pattern is available soon:

Aya Pot Cosy Cover Detail

Aya Pot Cosy Cover

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New Links are available

Luck o’ the Irish Cowl by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich with Karuta

Wokkelsjaal Ruffle by Anijs Linda with Silk Garden (pattern in english and dutch)

What I Felt (felted basket)  by Jennifer Meyers with Kureyon

Hexagon Trianles by KnitWiki with Kureyon and other various Noro Yarns

Crochet Sea Star by Leah Coccari-Swift with Kureyon

5-13 Shawl by Kate Bolin with Silk Garden

Daisy Lace Sun Bonnet by Crochet Kitten with Kureyon

Snail Pattern by The Knit Cafe Toronto with Kureyon

Faux Cable Necklace by Joan Janes with Silk Garden Lite

Summer Festival by Julia Blagojevich with Sekku

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